November 21, 2009

Susan Boyle on Britiain's Got Talent/Back Again

Sorry for the hiatus, I've joined the U.S. Navy since I've last posted almost a year ago. I am now based in San Diego, CA just so you know.

So i was on MSN and over saw an article about a women breaking pre-sales records named Susan Boyle [Article HERE]. So i binged the video and bam! an ugly old women on "Britain's Got Talent", the video starts out like American Idol does. always with some "talentless person" [for lack of better words] about to sing in front of the world and embarrass themselves. But not this time, once Boyle started to sing i almost lost my mind immediately thinking this is fake.... absolutely not! this was real. It was a beautiful sound coming from an old wretch lol... just watch this video and be amazed.

Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle in 1984 "The Way We Were"


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