December 13, 2009

Bio's "I Survived" Is Surreal

[above the picture of a killer] I was watching Biography channels i survived last night and saw this women Mary explain the most grusome situation ive ever heard of in my life. she was hitch hiking and found herself in the worst situation.

watch the video below. psa-the reason this shit is so scary is because these are ordinary people finding them selves in the most crazy situations.

Watch it [HERE], also more info on the killer [HERE]

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  1. I do believe I watched this episode. If I am correct, this particular episode was about the teenage who was kidnapped and through the course of suffering traumatic injuries, he amputed both if her hands and she has prostetic hands to help her get through the rest of her life. I work at DISH and I heard about this show while watching the commercial for another and when I finally found a day it was coming on I was in total shock. These are definitely situations you believe no one will ever get out of. It's a sad situation to know that these people had to go through some intense torture to get out of whatever they were going through. Since DISH, in my opinion, has the best HD, I could really see the pain, the joy of being alive and the strength that each person on this show has.

    I rate it 5 stars.


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